Breezaire WKSL 4000 Split System – Condenser Only

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What you're purchasing: (1) Condenser Only for the Breezaire WKSL 4000 Split System. This is not the full system. For the full system purchase the Breezaire WKSL 4000 Split Cooling System.

In situations where our self-contained series may not fully align with your requirements, the WKSL split design offers the necessary flexibility to cater to your specific installation needs or tackle any unique site challenges. The WKSL Series cooling systems represent a distinct split-system approach, enabling the placement of the cooling (evaporator) module within the enclosure to be cooled, while positioning the exhaust (condenser) module as far as 50 feet away. These systems are meticulously engineered to maintain a consistent and selectable temperature range between 48° and 63° Fahrenheit, all while upholding a relative humidity level of 50 to 75 percent, provided they are installed within a suitably constructed enclosure.

Installation of WKSL Series systems is designed to be straightforward and can be undertaken by any qualified air conditioning or refrigeration service technician with the necessary equipment. The connection between the two modules involves two copper tubes and low voltage wiring, with power being securely hard-wired to the units, drawing from appropriately sized 110 AC volt electrical sources. It's important to note that refrigerant must be added during the installation process. The WKSL series leverages the Sentry III+ digital control system for comprehensive management of the enclosure's environmental conditions.

The Sentry III+ control system boasts several noteworthy attributes:
1. An expansive, user-friendly display in a soothing cool green hue.
2. Precise and easily adjustable temperature set points, complete with a continuous display of the cabinet's current temperature.
3. Robust protection against power outages and blocked airflow, which triggers an automatic shutdown to safeguard wine in the event of high temperatures resulting from condenser blockage or fan failure.
4. Temperature regulation through either enclosure (cellar) air sensors or an optional bottle probe.
5. These units are shipped from the factory fully charged and ready for immediate use upon installation in a wall and connection to a 115 AC volt power source.

• Adjustable Temperature - Breezaire wine cooler unit includes an adjustable thermostat. The ideal temperature for storing and aging wine is between 50°F and 60°F.
• Automatic Humidity Control - Humidity must be present in the wine cellar to prevent cork and label deterioration. The gentle cooling action of the system maintains the relative humidity in the 50% to 75% range. (Additional moisture may be required in extremely dry climates.)
• Vibration Control - Breezaire cooling systems are engineered to control vibration by dampening mounts throughout the cooling system.
• Ultra-Quiet Operation - Breezaire cooling units perform their task quietly and unobtrusively to preserve the atmosphere of isolation from the outside world that makes a visit to a wine cellar a unique experience.
• Attractive Metal Cabinet - An attractive metal cabinet that blends in with the décor of your cellar area and can be flush mounted to any wall.
• Ease of Installation - No plumbing, complicated wiring, or special procedures including the on-site installation of refrigerant are required.
• Uncompromising Quality - Breezaire wine coolers are designed to deliver superior performance.
• Comprehensive Warranty Coverage - Owners enjoy the security of warranty coverage that reflects
Breezaire's high standards.