Wine Cooling Institute is a Breezaire full service authorized dealer. We have been around for more than 7 years with more than 19 years experience in the business. Previously to starting my own business, I worked for a wine cooling company in the service department where I also had the opportunity to build units. That’s when I realized how much I enjoyed learning about coolers and building them.

I then decided to start my own business. With all the experience and knowledge I have, I am able to build and customize any unit. My number one goal is to always give exceptional customer service and deliver exactly what my customers are looking for.

Real USA Inventory!

Unlike 99.9% of online sellers and suppliers you will find, we actually stock our own inventory to ensure accuracy and priority order processing. We normally ship units same day, if not within 24 business hours. You won't find another dealer with our knowledge and inventory levels!

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